EDU365 for Finance

The financial management resources within SIMS are designed specifically for schools. All expenditure and income can be logged against agreed budgets and information such as supplier details, cost centres and nominal ledger codes need only be entered once to save you time when managing the school accounts.

Accurate fees billing

Pupils' fees are managed within SIMS to ensure that all details are recorded and the billing is produced accurately. A detailed record of payer accounts and transactions can be maintained and used in reporting. Charges can be defined and applied using automatic routines to aid the rapid generation of bills. Billing can take place on specified periods, for example monthly, termly or annually and invoices can be printed or sent by email.

Personnel Administration

SIMS has a feature-rich personnel management package, enabling financial information such as salaries, pay scales and absences to be recorded and analysed conveniently. This assists you with the efficient and accurate management of salary expenditure and budget planning within the school. To reduce data duplication a single, complete and comprehensive record of each staff member is stored securely within SIMS, containing information regarding personal details, qualifications and professional development.

Helping to reduce your administration workload.

SIMS will keep a full inventory of all your school equipment to assist with stocktaking, inspections and maintenance. Key equipment and facilities in each room in the school can be recorded and monitored, allowing you to see if rooms are under resourced or if equipment can be deployed more efficiently.

Short or long-term budget planning

Planning the budget for the following year is easy. You will be able to view your school's finances in a variety of ways and experiment with different possible scenarios to see if additional funding will be required. Once the budget plan is approved income and expenditure can be recorded against it on a daily basis, so that no re-entry of budgets for each cost centre is required.

Fast and Efficient online ordering of Resources and Materials

SIMS enables you to manage your purchasing process electronically and place orders with suppliers online. There is no need for an order form to be passed from desk to desk for signing. The facility exists to log on to an approved supplier's website to place an order, which generates an automatic email to whoever manages the funds at the school. This can speed up the process of ordering and delivery and often discounts are given by suppliers as there is less administration for them. A supplier's parts catalogue can be imported and stored within SIMS to enable an efficient and accurate selection of goods and printing of Purchase Orders.

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