EDU365 for Governments

When addressing the challenges of education at a national level, its important that those within government that are tasked with delivering solutions are able to be supported by experienced and expert consultants.  

EDU365 has successfully worked with Governments helping them identifiy issues across their schools, as well as plan and implement the strategies to address these issues. We then continue to work with the Ministries concerned in order to measure the success of the strategies and revise and refine to further improve outcomes.

We enable information sharing and multi-agency working so that you get interventions right the first time around.

 Capita One provides approved Education Ministry staff, as well as those authorised from other agencies, with direct, real time access to data. The system reduces the time spent tracking down relevant background information for a child or young person so that frontline staff have access to the latest relevant information with which they can then make more informed decisions.

Providing an early warning system, Capita One delivers a single, comprehensive record of children, young people and families. Giving you a clear picture of a child or family's circumstance and reducing the risk of ‘hidden’ data in local systems gives you the information you need to intervene early and improve outcomes.

We can help deliver result in Early Intervention, Early Years, Youth Services, Education Services, Social Care and Performance Monitoring & Data Management. 


[bubble background="#FFF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Harrow District Education Authority"]"The biggest benefits of ONE I see are increased cross departmental working, sharing of information by authorised staff and improved communication, all of which ensure that vulnerable children and young people, and their families, can receive and access appropriate support in meeting their developmental and learning needs ”[/bubble]


Next Steps?

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