EDU365 for the Classroom

School teachers want to spend more time providing their pupils with targeted learning that will help them achieve to the best of their ability. Whether planning effective lessons, set- ting learning goals to drive greater achievement or writing pupil reports to parents, there is so much SIMS will do to ease the burden of administration for teachers and lighten their workload inside and outside the classroom.

Set more personalised learning targets to help raise achievement

The data you enter into SIMS, such as attendance information and assessment results, can be used to build up a complete picture of how each child is progressing. You can set the optimum learning targets for individual pupils or groups by using SIMS to predict your pupils' expected results based on past performance. The system will then propose appropriate targets and monitor progress towards them, helping ensure less able individuals are working towards realistic learning goals and more talented pupils are challenged and engaged.

Fast and efficient registration

Using SIMS Lesson Monitor, part of the SIMS system, teachers can take lesson-by-lesson registration quickly and easily from inside or outside the classroom, using a desktop computer or pocket PC. Whether in class or out on the school field, SIMS will ensure that attendance information is recorded efficiently and is instantly available in the school office.

Manage pupil conduct in class efficiently

SIMS Lesson Monitor enables you to keep a complete record of pupil con- duct throughout the school day, which can be used to acknowledge and reward good behaviour and achievement. You can also use this information to help identify any trends or patterns of poor behaviour that might require discussion with the parents or the pupils themselves. During class, teachers can assign detentions or merit points and make relevant notes on behaviour or achievement directly onto a pupil's school record within SIMS.

Simplify lesson planning

SIMS Curriculum and Lesson Planner can transform the way teachers in your school prepare and deliver lessons. The system enables you to easily create long-term curriculum and individual lesson plans that will help bring good quality teaching to your pupils. Teacher's workloads could be significantly reduced, allowing them to make better use of planning and preparation time and focus on supporting their pupil's learning.

Effective reporting to parents

You can produce professional pupil reports for parents conveniently and efficiently with SIMS. The assessment, attendance and pupil details which are recorded in SIMS are instantly downloaded into your school's preferred report template. Teachers can conveniently access their classes to add appropriate free text comments or select from a series of editable saved comments to ensure the reports are personalised and help show a parent how their child is progressing.


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