EDU365 at Home

SIMS can help extend your school into the home so that teaching and learning can continue after school hours and parents can be given simple online access to information about their child's performance. You can also give teachers the freedom to choose how or where they work after school hours.

Support teachers at home Using SIMS Learning Gateway

Teachers can access SIMS from a home computer connected to the internet. They can view timetables and diaries alongside learning targets and achievement record for their pupils and even keep up to date with school announcements online. Test scores, or homework marks can be updated with ease and reporting to parents can be completed quickly and easily from home if the teachers prefer. Online communities or department specific sites can be accessed at the click of a mouse and teachers are free to communicate with their teaching groups via the chat, discussion forums and email. Authorised staff can logon to share documents and collaborate online to help enhance their support for pupils' learning.

Work with parents to strengthen home-school links

Parental support is essential to a child's educational achievement and schools can use SIMS to enhance the flow of information to parents to help strengthen home-school links. With SIMS Learning Gateway, you can enable parents to access their child's attendance records, lesson content or assessment marks whenever they need to from a home computer.

Give pupils the tools they need to drive their own learning progress

Many schools have found that pupils who are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning are often more focused on achieving their learning targets. With SIMS Learning Gateway, you can provide your pupils with a single online workspace where they can access the school information they need from a home computer connected to the internet. Pupils can check what lessons they have the following day by viewing their timetable within SIMS, what learning objectives they have on the current curriculum or collaborate with their peers to solve a homework problem.

'In Touch' - Instantly....Inform....Involve

In an age when instant access to information is expected, you need new technologies that will help deliver above and beyond that expectation. SIMS InTouch allows you to utilise SMS messaging and e-mail to automatically and immediately engage at a higher level with parents, teachers and students. InTouch enables you to create general free-text messages or design reusable templates for bulk and individual communications with a personal feel.

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