School Information Management

Capita SIMS is a world-class management information system designed in partnership with Independent and International schools.

The SIMS school management system has been established for decades and has been continuously refined to meet the changing needs of schools across the world. It is at the core of more than 28,000 schools and is used by over 80% of schools in the UK. Whilst SIMS has its foundations in the UK curriculum it is also used worldwide by hundreds of schools in more than 40 countries and is proven to have the unique flexibility to operate in any environment.


"More than 2.5 million children worldwide have their attendance recorded in SIMS everyday"


SIMS provides schools the freedom to focus on their true priority – improving outcomes for pupils. By delivering world class management information in a timely manner SIMS empowers schools to make data driven decisions and drive school improvement. 

EDU365 understands that the process of moving to a new system can be daunting and in this summary we want to share with you why so many SIMS schools say that the effort to migrate to SIMS is worth it. There are many “Student Information Systems” on the market that can collect and collate data to varying degrees of depth. SIMS is not a Student Information system, it is the most robust, reliable and powerful school management tool on the market.

With a 35 year history of excellence, SIMS is the most comprehensive and integrated Management Information System available to help facilitate whole school improvement. SIMS provides comprehensive visibility into a school’s data to assist in raising standards of attendance, behaviour and student attainment. The solution set dramatically improves operational efficiency and drives accountability of students, teachers and parents. The Parental Engagement Portal and In Touch communication tools foster an environment of collaboration between the key stakeholders in a child’s learning. Above all SIMS uniquely allows school management to make timely data driven decisions in regards to the day to day operation of their school.

Our schools tell us that once SIMS has been installed and implemented, the benefits that the additional features deliver greatly outweigh any inconvenience of change very quickly.

Every year, 99.5% of SIMS customers renew their contracts and the number of schools committed to SIMS is still growing – almost a thousand new schools were welcomed to SIMS last year alone.

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